Your online reputation matters now more than ever. Everyone will look you up online. If you are a celebrity, business owner, or just a person. Do you want a new job? Your potential new employer will look you up online. Do you own a business? Potential customers will look you up online. Are you a celebrity? You know you are being looked up online. Do you have bad press out there? Do you have mug shots out there? Do you have videos online you want gone? Mo matter your situation in life we can help you. We can help you. We always work on retainers. (Except for our press releases, those are a fixed price)

Negative press removed from Google, Bing, Safari, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo will start at $1,200 total for all the listed search engines.

Mug shot removal from online starts at $2,000 per mug shot needing to be removed. So if you have one mug shot out there for 1 arrest, $2,000. If you have two mug shots online, $4,000, and so on.

Do you need information removed from Reddit? We can do that as well. The cost for that service is $2,500. To determine the total cost of the retainer for these services, we need to have a Zoom conversation. So schedule a time to meet with us at our free consultation link here or in the upper right hand corner of our website.