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Link building is like networking for websites. Imagine you have a shop, and you want more people to visit. One way to get more visitors is to have other shops in the area recommend your shop. These recommendations are like links on the internet.

When a website links to another site, it’s like giving a thumbs-up or a recommendation. Search engines like Google notice these links. If many trustworthy websites link to your site, search engines think your site must be valuable and important. This can help your site appear higher in search results, making it easier for people to find you.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Links are like recommendations: Just as you trust a friend’s suggestion, search engines trust links from reputable websites.
  • More links can mean more visitors: The more good links you have, the more likely search engines will show your site to people.
  • Quality over quantity: It’s better to have a few links from well-known, trustworthy websites than many from unknown or spammy ones.

So, link building is about getting other websites to link to yours, boosting your site’s reputation and visibility on the internet.

The price per link are as follow

DR 30-49DR 50-69DR 70-89
$350.00 per link built$400.00 per link built$450.00 Per Link built

To help you understand how we go about building links for your website, we have provided you with the criteria used to build them. This is a simplified version made for the public. We edited it to remove and reword the technical words and terms.

How We Build Your Links

Welcome! We want to make sure you understand how we build links to help your website grow. Let’s keep it simple and clear!

Choosing the Right Links

What Does “Relevance” Mean?

  • Relevance means the link should match what your website is about.

Our Simple Rules for Choosing Links:

  1. Matching Topics:
    • The website we link from should talk about similar things as your website.
    • The title of the article should mention the same topic as your article.
    • The words used for the link (anchor text) should be about the same topic as your article.
    • The content of the article should talk about the same topic as your article.

How We Rate Links:

Think of it like a game with different levels. The higher the level, the better the link.

Level Website/Domain Article Title Article Content Anchor Text
1 Same Topic Same Topic/Keyword Same Topic/Keyword Same Keywords
2 Related Topic Same Topic Same Topic Same Keywords
3 Related Topic Related Topic Related Topic (with a section) Same Keywords
4 Different Topic Related Topic Related Topic (with a section) Same Keywords

Examples of Good and Bad Links

Good vs. Bad Link Text:

  • Good: “Best Tips For SEO”
  • Bad: “Best Tips For Marketing”

Good vs. Bad Headlines:

  • Good: “How To Grow Your Business With SEO”
  • Bad: “Making Money With an Online Business”

Good vs. Bad Content:

  • Good: If the paragraph talks about SEO, it’s good!
  • Bad: If the paragraph doesn’t mention SEO, it’s not good.

Why Staying on Topic is Important

It’s important to keep everything related. For example, a blog about real estate investing should not link to a blog about angel investing. They are different topics and should not be mixed.

Example of a Good Link

Here’s an example of a good link:

  • Link from: AdvertiseMint
  • Link to:
  • Why Is It Good?
    • The website talks about the same topic as your page.
    • The words used for the link (anchor text) are about the same topic.
    • The article’s topic is the same as your page.
    • The paragraph the link is from talks about the same topic.
    • It matches all our rules!

Final Thoughts

We hope this helps you understand how we build links to make your website stronger and more visible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

We can not and will not give a quote online; we must have a consultation to figure out what keywords you want to rank for, whether you have the content to be linked to, and so forth. Do you need us to write the content first? If you have it, do you think you or we need to redo it first? We can both find this out on our free consultation call. Book your time for the call right away.